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Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions:

Caring Ministry Team
This team is for people who care for others and want to be an encouragement by visiting people who are shut-ins, hospitalized, or just members that need a special visit because they're lonely or need to feel loved. 

Congregational Ministry Team
This group is for individuals who like to work with their hands and usually enjoy being outside. They do repairs, clean yards, build wheel chair ramps, or any type of maintenance or construction job.

Connection Ministry Team
This team is our way of introducing ourselves to visitors and reaching out to our community. They place a tent outside on Sundays to welcome people as they come onto our campus. They follow up with visitors and develop ministries to meet needs of the community such as our soccer ministry, reading program, tutoring, literacy training and whatever other methods or ideas we may have to just connect with people. 

Communication Ministry Team
It's a proven fact that for a younger generation the very best way to connect and communicate is through social media. To reach that generation this team utilizes Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook to promote church activities and communicate with those on those services in and outside the church.


Highly motivated, enthusiastic, and value excellence? Like the thoughts of working “behind-the-scenes” to help create a smooth-running worship experience each week? Production offers technical opportunities to get involved with!

Music is an integral part of the worship experience here at Alexis Baptist Church. 

Children’s Ministry
Want to jump into an exciting, creative, child-friendly environment…helping children explore the truth of God’s Word while teaching them to apply it to their daily lives? Then Alexis Kids is the place for you. We have opportunities for you to interact directly with kids or behind-the-scenes.

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